Restring A Banjo

Here are step by step instructions on how to restring your 5 or 6 string banjo.

Thread flat end of a loop end banjo string through the bridge
restring a banjo

Line loop end of string up with lip on end of banjo bridgebj005 string install 2


Gently pull banjo string loop around lip on bridge

bj005 string install 3

How To String A Banjo

Pull banjo string through hole in tuning machine
bj005 string install 4
 How To String A Banjo

Give yourself about 3 inches of slack on the string at around the 5th fret to ensure you have enough string for a few winds around the tuning machine post

bj005 string install 5
 How To String A Banjo


Tighten string through post by turning tuning machine

bj005 string install 6

 How To String A Banjo
bj005 string install 7
How To String A Banjo 
 How To String A Banjo