Drum Set Assembly Instructions

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Full Size 5 Piece Adult Set (Including 1601, S525, SP5, SR, J7, BATTLE, XL1)


Junior 5 Piece (Including 1045, 1049, BMJ50)


Junior 3 Piece – 16″ Bass Drum Version (1043)


Junior 3 Piece – 12″ Bass Drum Version (1044)


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Drum Set Tips

#1 Drum Heads Come Stacked

Drum Heads Tip

#2 Did you know that you can put a pillow inside the bass drum to help dampen the sound? This is a very common practice among drummers of all levels

#3 The wrinkles on the drum heads will smooth over time after being attached to the drum shell

For more tips, tricks and common questions, please visit our FAQ page


Check out the all new Drum Set Assembly Video – this is not finished yet, but we wanted
to post what we had so far because we think it will be a big help, especially when used along
with your printed Gammon Drum Set Instructions that came with your set







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