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Frequently Asked Drum Set Questions
Drum Set FAQ Help


Are there Gammon drum set instructions available online?
Yes,  please go to http://mdwsupport.com/drumsetcentral/

How can I deaden/muffle my bass drum?
Regardless of if you have purchased on entry level set or an expensive advanced kit, the answer is what drummers have been doing for years: Put a small pillow or blanket inside the bass drum

I seem to be missing a drum head?
The drum heads come stacked on top of each other, so just check make sure they are not stuck together. You may have even installed two stacked drum heads on top of each other without knowing it

Where is the drum key?
The drum key is normally either attached to the snare drum or in the parts bag

Why are there wrinkles on the drum heads?
These will smooth out over time after they are tight on the drum

What are the cymbals made of?
For the Battle series all drum sets in this price range use plated steel cymbals.The cost of brass is too high and therefore the manufacturers opt to using steel cymbals plated to look like brass. They are actually stronger cymbals than the more expensive brass cymbals

How to avoid breaking cymbals?
The reality is that more expensive cymbals break more easily than the plated steel cymbals that come with these sets. Any cymbal, if played too hard or with the wrong technique will brake or bend sooner than later. It is best to not hit any cymbal of any kind too hard to avoid breakage and undue bending. As you can imagine, anything hit with a stick over a long period of time the wrong way will show signs of abuse

Do I really need to watch the drum instruction video?
Yes (please!) That 11 minute video will really help give you an overview of how to assemble the drum set

I have an issue not covered here?
Contact us directly. We promise they will be able to help you quickly with fast and friendly service

How often do you add new lessons?
We add new lessons every week, so please come back often!

I can’t get a tension rod to fit into the lug?
Check out this easy fix

Is there a parts list for my drum set?
Yes, you can see that here – please note that there may be some slight variations depending on the drum set model you have

Need help with the Hi Hat Stand? Check out this assembly video
hi hat stand assembly video


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