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Below you will find a graphic on the parts of a guitar, chord and note sheets, tuning and lesson videos.

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Parts Of An Electric Guitar
parts of an electric guitar

Electric Guitar Overview & Chord Chart
electric guitar overview  electric guitar chord chart


Parts Of An Acoustic Guitar
Pars Of An Acoustic Guitar


Acoustic Guitar Overview & Chord Chart
acousctic guitar chord chart acoustic guitar overview


How To Tie A Strap On An Acoustic Guitar
tie strap acoustic guitar


Truss Rod Adjustment – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Banjo
Check out the Guitar Neck Adjustment Guide
guitar neck adjustment guide

How To Change Guitar Strings 
Acoustic, Electric or Nylon Guide


How To Fix Guitar  Strap Pin


Chord and Neck Charts

594_gtr_chrds    600_BR_CHRDS    guitar chord charts


guitar lesson videos Guitar Lesson Videos